Spark service conceptFive-heart service mode

  • Relieved

  • Close

  • Confidence

  • Rest assured

  • Comfortable

Service Commitment

"Five start" service commitment:

  • One avoidance:

  • Avoid the same user for the same problem to call a second time;

  • Two guarantees:

  • Must guarantee product selling support Must guarantee no conflict with dealer benefit;

  • Three NO omit:

  • No omit record the customer calls;

    No omit solve customer’s problems;

    No omit track every problem and deal problems carefully;

  • Four factors:

    Work actively; Caring sincerely;

    Response rapidly; Considerate;

  • Five service cores

    Service attitude, Service idea,

    Service technology,

    Service management, Service action.

Service Strategy

Provide 24hours hotline service, pre-sale consulting, sale arrangement and after-sale complaint handling etc. service support. Our company always adheres to the needs of customers first, customer satisfaction oriented service purpose, established an effective guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprise customer service support system, in order to realize the harmonious development of the customer and the company, co-prosperity win-win goal.

Give customers good usage products experience, create higher customer satisfaction

Customer service hotline: 86-755 8390 4366


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