Sparkoe Successfully awarded the solar lighting project of the Kingdom of Cambodia aided by China


Recently Sparkoe successfully won bid of China Ministry of Ecology and Environment’s Climate Change South-South Cooperation of foreign aid commodity of Solar Lighting Project to the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Sparkoe will produce and organize 2,800 sets solar street lighting systems, 200 solar campus photovoltaic systems, 200 electric motorcycles and matching lighting fixtures and fans, etc., to supply basic electricity for public road lighting and campus lighting in the area where is totally no electricity or lack of electricity in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

As a well-known brand in the lighting industry, Sparkoe has long adhered to relying on its nationally recognized (CNAS) photoelectric laboratory, Guangdong Solar Lighting Application Engineering Technology Research Center, Shenzhen Solar Semiconductor Lighting Technology Engineering Laboratory, and Shenzhen Qinghuan Smart Lighting Technology Research Center as a scientific and technological carrier, Sparkoe has continuously made progress and breakthroughs in the research, development and innovation of solar lighting technology.  Sparkoe has undertaken China's response to climate change and the “Belt and Road” donation of solar power generation systems and solar street lighting for over 20 projects including Pakistan, Myanmar, Montenegro, Antigua and Barbudar, Ghana and other countries, making positive contributions to global energy conservation and emission reduction, and improving the ability to respond to climate change.

This time Sparkoe was awarded again the Ministry of Ecology and Environment's response to climate change of foreign aid commodity project, which is not only its glory but also a big responsibility, and it is also the company's mission of "Sparkoe to illuminate green life".


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