Shenzhen World Exhibition&Convention Center Lighting Project

Shenzhen World Exhibition&Convention Center has eight 'world's best', a ultra-large exhibition complex consisting of sixteen 20,000-square-meter standard exhibition halls, one 50,000-square-meter super-large exhibition hall, two 20,000-square-meter multifunctional exhibition halls, two registration halls and one reception hall. The total construction area of 1.6 million square meters is equivalent of 6 'Bird's Nest', which is the largest exhibition hall in the world.

As a sole supplier of Shenzhen World Exhibition&Convention Center's main road lighting project, Sparkoe provided professionally designed and custom-developed multifunctional lighting street illumination, which are scattered around the new convention and exhibition center -- Binhai Avenue, Zhanjing Road, Zhanyun Road and others. High standard of road lighting beautified the new exhibition center. The design of this smart lighting and light pole has multi-function intelligent lighting and one-stop light system, and the products also have typhoon resisting level 17 and anti-corrosion of high salt spray.

Sparkoe has been emphasized technology innovation for many years. We have national accredited optoeletronics laboratory, provincial and ministerial engineering technology center. Depending on strength R&D capacity and professional technical team, Sparkoe continuously provides new lighting products to satify the client's requirement flexibly by our rich experience in the optoeletronic industry. Relying on Sparkoe's client-orientation spirit, technological innovation and high quality standard, the company can successfully undertake the intelligent lighting project of the new exhibition and convention center.

As a leading brand in the LED lighting industry, Sparkoe will spend more resources in enhancing R&D capacity and improving technical service level, to adhere the mission 'Your Light, We Care' and aim to be the best intelligent lighting solution provider.

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